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Wheww….what a week! On top of playing catch up from last week, my children being out of school for most of the week, and my husband working 24/7, Black Friday week was exhausting!! It is no longer one day that retailers offer amazing deals and shoppers go crazy, it’s an entire week! Ugghh.

Due to popular demand, I will keep updating and adding sales, promo codes, anything special to my website. I have heard from many of you that it has been helpful having beauty sales all in one place, so why not keep it going?! After Cyber Monday promos are over, the sale page will be revamped to include regular holiday sales, Friends & Family sales, or any discount codes that I know about. So if you ever need to know who is having a sale, it will be on the Main Menu of my site! Thank you to anyone who helped add to my list, as of Saturday night there is over 100 retailers listed! The page has been the most popular on the blog thus far! So thank you to everyone who visited!

Paula's Choice Advanced Pore-Refining Treatment 4% BHA

A New Post!

I have a new post that during the madness of Black Friday was neglected (by me.) I didn’t post about it on Instagram like I normally do. The new post is The Pore-Plunger: the new Paula’s Choice 4% BHA. I share my thoughts about the new Resist Advanced Pore-Refining Treatment 4% BHA, which is apparently out of stock everywhere! You can sign up for an e-mail notification and I will update everyone on Instagram when it is back in stock. It is a fast favorite of mine that I think a lot of people would enjoy using! It has a lovely, silky gel-serum texture that is weightless on skin and works very quickly to diminish enlarged and clogged pores. Anyone who has tried the 2% BHA Liquid or Gel and found it to leave a residue or greasy feeling, you should definitely give the 4% BHA a try! And don’t forget to read my post! 😉

The Business of Blogging

I definitely didn’t start my Instagram account or my blog to make money or get free products. It is a labor of love! I place very high standards (for me) on my content, photos, and posts and it is very time consuming. In a recent conversation with a fellow beauty blogger I realized, why can’t it be a labor of love that may also make money?

I am a new blogger, and many of you are just getting to know me, so I feel like the greater the transparency, the better. I talked about bloggers being sent ‘Free Stuff’ in my last Sunday Ramblings post. I never want anyone to feel like I have ‘sold out’ or are just adding products to my blog to make money! Disingenuous is probably the worst thing I could be called, in my opinion.

After much deliberation I have decided to add affiliate links to my blog. This will not in any way affect the editorial content of this blog. If you choose to support my content, I am very grateful! Any money earned will be reinvested into the blog, i.e. more products to review! If you have any question as to which Affiliate Programs that I am currently working with, you can check here. I will update this list if needed, but at this moment I am happy with the relationships I have established.

Hug giphy

A Virtual Hug

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank each and every one of you for reading, following my journey, and welcoming me into a community I am grateful for everyday. My heart is full today as I think about this amazing journey I never thought I had the courage to pursue. It is all possible because of each one of you!

I have never mentioned these things before, but I would assume this is the place to do it! This Country Girl has a dedicated Facebook page that you can follow here, and a newsletter where you can keep up to date with my posts below. 🙂



I have an entire list of blog posts that I want to write, but I would like to hear from you! What type of posts or product reviews would you like to see? My 2018 mantra is ‘Try Something New,’ in which I have challenged myself to venture outside my comfort zone. Although it doesn’t only apply to beauty related challenges, I have decided I am going to do a professional facial treatment. Botox, fillers, IPL, microblading? I don’t know! What do you think I should try? This isn’t going to be something I will do on a whim, I will carefully research and weigh my options. I just thought it would be fun to have some input!

In the form below, I would love to hear what products you would like to see, anything new you think I should add, what treatment I should try…whatever! I would love your participation! Thank you in advance!

Hope you all have a great week!! Until next time…

Stay Happy & Beautiful-


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