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Hello my name is Heather and I’m a skincare addict. The first step is admitting it, now lets move on! I have been hassled by loved ones for having “too much makeup.” Guilty as charged. I have loved makeup for as long as I can remember, and naturally stumbled into a passion for skincare because of it.

A few years ago the online beauty world became an exciting escape for me. I would read blog posts and watch YouTube videos, but I didn’t really have anyone to share this passion with in real life. So I decided to start a beauty Instagram page to connect with other beauty addicts. It wasn’t until I found the #skincarecommunity in early 2017 that I really found a place to connect and belong. The friends I have made there have been nothing but supportive and encouraging, not to mention the vast amount of enabling! (Of course I need a new cleanser, I have 21 but @goalstogetglowing says it is ahh–mazing!!)

So I started sharing on IG what I have learned over the years, my experiences with certain products, and I was hooked! I never thought I would enjoy writing so much. But it wasn’t really the writing process, it was my excitement and passion for skincare. The impact skincare can make has inspired me to do more. So really out of nowhere, I decided to start a blog!

This Country Girl is an ode to the famous lyrics by Hank Williams Jr, “Country Boy Can photo of meSurvive.” Just surviving life one serum and lipgloss at a time! OK, I confess, not one at a time, but you get my drift! This is a place that is light-hearted and fun, meant to be an escape from everyday stress and life in general. At least that’s the way I see it.

My blog is a place to share all the makeup, skincare, body and hair care products that I love, and some that I don’t! You may not love what I love, and that’s ok! That is what makes the beauty community so fun to me, because beauty products are very subjective. I will share my experiences and research in hopes to help you find the best beauty products!

So another thing about me I should share now; I’m an online shopaholic. Too many addictions, so little time. I will be sharing promo codes and sales from time to time.  Navigating where to buy beauty and skincare products can sometimes be a minefield. Nothing is worse than buying from an “Authorized Retailer” only to find out that ‘Authentic’ product is really a counterfeit. So I have decided to include Authorized Retailers for certain brands on this blog. You can find it under ‘Skincare Resources’ in the menu above. I will be updating it constantly and if you have any requests to add a specific brand, please let me know in the comments! Additional skincare information will eventually be added also. Compiling information that I use often, or have used in the past, all in one place to use as a reference is the objective. Any topic we want to learn more about is right at our fingertips. However, finding that helpful information whenever we need it is a completely different story! I admit this is a selfish project, but hopefully it may help others find reliable resources to become more informed beauty consumers!

Photo of meI also have an ‘About’ page where I share with you a little more about my life, and also includes a disclaimer that you should read. In summary, I am just a regular mom like many of you who loves beauty products from all different brands and price points. I am not a skincare expert, I do not work in the beauty industry or the medical field. I am sharing my thoughts, opinions, experiences, and research that I have done over the years. Could I get something wrong? Definitely possible, I’m human after all. I will answer any and all questions you may have for me. If I don’t know the answer I will search for it! I think that is what is so exciting about science; there’s always something new, an advancement. New research, new trials, new products!

My Skin

I have combination/normal skin. My skin a year ago was definitely more oily in the t-zone and very dry around the perimeter. Almost extreme combination. Now that my skin is more “balanced,” I would consider my skin type as “normal.” My main skin concerns are hyperpigmentation, combatting dullness, enlarged and sometimes clogged pores, and a recent loss of elasticity. Is this what happens after you turn 30?!

I hope you join me on this new journey, I’m excited to see where this path leads! Let’s have some fun talking about all things beauty and I can’t promise there won’t be any beauty enabling! I would love to hear below where everyone if from, if you would like to leave a comment! And come join my InstaFamily! Thank you for reading…take a look around my website and I hope you enjoy my next post! Stay Happy and Beautiful….



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