Sephora Spring VIB Sale 2018: Everything You Need to Know!

Sephora Spring VIB Sale 2018

Official dates & codes! The Sephora Spring Bonus 2018 Beauty Insider Event codes and dates have been released! For Rouge there are two weekends of shopping plus a few perks. For VIB & Insiders there’s only one weekend. See below for dates and codes for each tier.

Rouge: April 13-16 & April 20-23. Code: YAYROUGE for 15% off.  On 4/13 you can bring a friend in stores to shop your 15% off discount. Plus you get a free bag of samples and a Sephora card case.

VIB: April 20-23. (Friday-Monday) Code: YAYVIB for 15% off.

Insiders: April 20-23. Code: YAYINSIDER for 10% off.

**I have read that The Ordinary is not included and there is a limit to 3 Drunk Elephant products. I have not confirmed that at this point, but something to think about while making your list!

Sephora Spring Bonus 2018 VIB Sale Dates & Codes
Sephora Spring 2018 VIB Sale Dates & Codes.


For all you beauty lovers out there, you already know the Sephora Spring Sale is fast approaching! I love to plan ahead for events such as this one, so I thought I would share a few tips today! I will also be doing recommendation posts and updating this post with the exact dates and codes whenever they are available! Last year’s sale, 2017, was held April 18-24 and the 2016 sale was April 7-13 just for reference! Seems to be sometime after Easter but before Mother’s Day. So coming soon!

UPDATE: I have chatted with several Sephora employees about the exact sale dates since publishing. I know y’all want to know exact dates, I want to know myself! A couple of ladies who I spoke with said that management has not released the dates to them yet, while one employee told me it would be coming mid-April. I will keep digging and update this post with additional details! 😉 Also check the Sephora Community posts here, they always seem to know the deets first!

The tips I am going to share with you today, I have learned along the way, I cannot take credit for all of them! These are the things I do myself when I successfully shop the Sephora Sale (or any sale!) By success, I mean not buying a bunch of stuff I don’t need or spending too much money!

Read my product rec posts: the Makeup Edition and the Sephora Recs: The Skin Edit, for products that will refresh your skin routine! Because we update our closets to get ready for warmer weather, why not update our skincare routines? Also, I would love to chat with you on Instagram.… Come say hi! 😉

Shelfie, Sephora Spring VIB Sale 2018

Plan Ahead

  1. Add to Cart.

Don’t be afraid to add things to your cart that you like! It is easier than making a list that always gets misplaced! You can always move them to your ”Loves’ list when you need to checkout.

2.   Be Practical.

Take inventory, look at your beauty stash to see what you may need to replace that you already use. Brow pencils, mascara, hairspray, commonly used items. Things that you know you will use!

3. Swatch in store beforehand.

By doing this it will let you know the proper shade, but also if you really want it! Some things are not what you expect!

4. Think about Popular Items.

There may be some products that sell out fast! I’m mainly talking about shopping online, but I’m sure they sell out in stores also. A few years ago an item on my list always sold out before I could purchase. So I started thinking about what might be popular that everyone wants and I purchase it FIRST. (More on this later.) Things like new palettes, new releases in general, or products that never go on sale. Sometimes when a big influencer recommends a particular product, everyone wants it and it sells out quickly.

Sephora Spring VIB Sale Tips 2018
Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palettes; the new Soft Glam Palette (R) vs. Modern Renaissance (L)

Shop Smart

  1. Think about other Retailers.

Now that I have a rough draft list of things I would like to buy, the first thing I ask myself “can I get it somewhere else for less?” Products that I can buy on a brand’s website during a friends & family sale, welcome discounts, sales on another retailer’s site I cross off my list. Other retailer’s and brands often have competing promos during the Sephora Sale. So definitely do your research!

Bobbi Brown is having their Friends & Family sale right now, they are offering 25% off plus free shipping.

IT Cosmetics is also having their Friends & Family sale right now, 25% off plus free shipping any $30+ order.

Make Up For Ever is having their Spring sale it is also 25% off on their website, ends 4/12.

DermStore is having their 20% off Spring sale now through April 2nd (code: GLOW18) and they carry many of the same skincare, makeup, and haircare brands that Sephora does! They have an excellent rewards program where you earn points by making purchases, writing reviews, and sharing on social media. You can then redeem your points for a $10 off coupon that can be used on any brand site wide on top of a promo code! Really fantastic deal. You can check them out here.

2. Think about Tax.

Since the Spring Sale is only 15% off, so once tax is included my actual discount is only 5.75%. So it is worth checking to see if there is a better discount available somewhere else.

3. Some brands are cheaper across the pond.

Some International brands that are also sold at Sephora are cheaper to buy at an online, international retailer. The example that comes to mind right now is Omorovicza, excellent brand! With the conversion rate and tax deduction a product is considerably less money. The new Omorovicza Acid Fix Treatment is $115 at Sephora. The same product is £70.83 (approx. $99.47) at Cult Beauty. And that’s NOT on sale. Sometimes when the conversion rates are lower, the discount is greater.

4. Shop the Sale Section.

Often times Sephora will add a ton of new sale items online during the sale to clear out inventory. Things like Holiday sets and limited edition items, great products! Plus, you get a double discount! I have heard that hidden gems can be found in smaller Sephora stores in their sale section, but that is hearsay at this point!

5. Consider Sephora Favorites.

Sephora Favorites sets are an excellent way to try new things if you are in a beauty rut! I especially love their hair sets and have found some great products by purchasing them.

6. Save Your Points.

You won’t be able to take advantage of those cute little deluxe sample promos during the sale, so save your points if you want to add some extra products to your cart! I’m not gonna say they release amazing point perks during the sale, because I don’t think they do, but something might catch your eye!

7. Do Your Research.

Read blog posts, scroll social media, and watch YouTube videos about the products you are thinking about purchasing. Especially high ticket items! I like to have more than one opinion when I buy something and love a good demo. The more info you can get, hopefully the better decision you can make in deciding on whether to purchase a particular product or not.

Sephora Spring VIB Sale 2018
What will you add to your collection during the Spring VIB Sale? Go through and see what you need or almost empty. Making a list is key!
Sephora Spring VIB Sale Tips 2018
Go through your collection, see what products you need to replace!

All About the Budget

  1. Set a budget RANGE.

I try to set a budget range I want to spend on the Sephora Sale. It will be different for every person, and that’s ok! Mine is usually higher in the Spring eventhough the discount is higher in the Fall! During the 20% off Fall sale I am usually spending my extra cash on Christmas gifts for my kids, gifts that are not found at Sephora. I also try to set a max number that I will not go over. Of course everyone is guilty of going over their budget and I am not in the position to lecture anyone about overspending on Beauty products! My other half lectures me all the time! However, during the sale it is easy for us beauty addicts to justify purchases that we may not need just because they are on sale. If you follow some of these tips, hopefully you won’t fall into that trap! I find if I plan ahead of time then I don’t overspend, because it takes a long time to narrow down that list and I already know what I want to buy. I mean, buy whatever you want, just don’t put yourself in a bad financial situation for beauty products!

2. Save. Save. Save.

I personally don’t use my credit cards for beauty purchases. (My hubby would not be happy about that!) So I start saving ahead of time. I could absolutely have available credit on my card or put money into my actual savings account, but the best way for me to save ‘beauty’ money is to buy gift cards. Mostly e-gift cards, but regular gift cards work too. About a month, month and a half, before the sale I will buy an e-gift card every week (pay period.) Anywhere from $25-$100, whatever I can “afford” to put aside for the week. I then will save up those cards so that during the sale my actual spending for that week isn’t an outrageous number. My out of pocket for the sale is spread over a month and not one day…see what I mean? I do need to tell you that you can only use two gift cards during online checkout, just so you know. I usually place multiple online orders during the sale so that’s not a big deal anyway. I am not saying “you need to do it how I do it.” This is just what works best for me. So find whatever way you want to try and save at least some of your budget beforehand, it is really helpful! You can purchase Sephora gift cards & e-gift cards here. 

Sephora Spring VIB Sale Tips 2018
Luxury makeup that never goes on sale is always a good option!

Take Advantage of Sephora Perks!

The only time being a Rouge member has come in handy is being able to shop their sales early and free Flash Shipping.

  1. Enroll in Flash Shipping

This is Sephora’s version of Amazon Prime, two day shipping via UPS that counts toward any order no matter the amount. In the old days I paid $10 a year for Flash Shipping, which is a great deal even if you only place a few orders a year. If you are a VIB or Beauty Insider I strongly suggest you signing up before the sale. You can place multiple orders online without having to spend $50 each order. You can sign up here.

2. Usually on the first day of the sale VIB Rouge members will get a day early to shop the sale before VIBs, they can also bring a friend in store with them, and usually they will hand out a free tote bag with the sale’s theme. Take advantage of all these little perks…they add up!

3. If you have done all of your research, narrowed down your list, finally purchased what you have always wanted, and you hate it! Don’t worry…Sephora has a very generous Return Policy. 

My Recent Haul: New Skincare Products from The Ordinary!

I hope some of these tips were helpful prepping for the upcoming sale! I always find that deciding which products I really want and learning more about them is one of my favorite parts of the sale! I will also be sharing my recommendations and my wishlist very soon. Until then, you can check out my previous Sephora Recommendation Post, which I still love all of those products I mentioned. Thanks for reading, I hope you come visit my site again and you can always hit me up on Instagram!

Happy Shopping,




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